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HSO Student Internship Program

HSO violin audition excerpts

HSO viola audition excerpts

HSO cello audition excerpts

HSO bass audition excerpts

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The HSO Student Internship Program is a structured educational experience for high school string players who are current members of Holland Area Youth Orchestra.


Audition date to be announced.

Please call the office for information.



Application requirements:

• Student participants must be current members of HAYO.  They will no longer be eligible if they quit HAYO.

• Applicants must complete and submit the “Student Internship Application.”  Click on the link to apply.

• The student will audition live for the music director and at least one additional HSO string player.  The audition would consist of a prepared solo and standard excerpts.  The conductor will treat the audition as a “real” audition, working with the student (playing faster, slower, louder, etc.) as in a “real” audition.  Excerpts for the audition are available for download above.  Simply click on the link of your corresponding instrument and download the file.

• The student must submit a letter of recommendation from a private teacher or orchestra conductor.



• HSO can provide a highly specialized training program for exceptional string players in the West Michigan area.

• Students will be exposed to another conductor, additional orchestral repertoire, and a faster learning cycle than what they experience in HAYO or school orchestra programs.

• Students will learn orchestral skills and process beyond what is often covered in school/youth orchestras

• Students will learn from mentors, stand partners, section leaders, and the conductor.

• Students will gain “real-world” work experiences and interact with a variety of HSO members, which will prepare the students for careers and volunteerism in music and the arts.

• HSO will gain strong string players each year.


Components of the program:

• The student(s) will be classified as “HSO Student Interns,” and will not be considered regular HSO members.

• The student(s) will be asked to participate in the 3 HSO classics concert cycles and others as needed.

• The student(s) will be expected to be present at all rehearsals.

• The student(s) will be expected to prepare HSO music diligently outside of rehearsals, preferably with the help of a private teacher.

• The student(s) will have a mentor within HSO, who will provide feedback, assistance, and training.

• The student(s) will be seated next to players (preferably his/her mentor) who can provide assistance and feedback.

• The student(s) will receive one-on-one feedback from the appropriate section leader(s) and music director.

• The student(s) will receive one lesson per concert cycle with the section leader to cover the concert repertoire, with specific emphasis on orchestral playing techniques.

• The student(s) will be expected to follow all HSO guidelines as outlined in the HSO Musicians’ Handbook.

• Students would be appointed for a 1 year position.Students who wish to participate for more than one season will need to re-audition each year.  An individual’s participation in this program could be terminated at any time by the conductor/music director and/or mentor(s).

• The conductor is not required to accept students per year; if there are no students deemed eligible for the program, the positions will remain open.

• At the end of the year, an evaluation will be made by the Education Team and presented to the HSO Board.



• The student(s) will receive $15 per service (rehearsal or concert).

• The student(s) will receive one lesson with the principal or assistant principal of his/her section per classical concert cycle.


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Youth Advisory Committee


The Holland Symphony Youth Advisory Committee is a group of youth musicians in grades 9-12 who are members of the Holland Symphony Youth Orchestras who seek to positively impact the greater Holland area by active participation in Holland Symphony Youth Orchestras and through the support of all music within the area.


The YAC strives to have every Holland area high school represented as well as home-schooled students from the area.


YAC members learn leadership and advocacy skills. They learn to make informed decisions, gain experience and confidence in the music field, assist the distribution process of scholarship funds within HSYO and volunteer within the arts community. They champion and help post on the HSYO Facebook page. They keep fellow members and families abreast of summer and college opportunities for those interested in pursuing music in the summer or after high school. They suggest HSYO social events.


Holland Symphony gains a fresh perspective on youth culture and this helps develop more effective outreach. This partnership between adults and young people is of great value as each party has the opportunity to make suggestions and decisions in which the contribution of each is recognized and valued.