String Chamber Music Seminar

We are gearing up for the third season of the String Chamber Music Seminar, an educational program of the Holland Symphony Orchestra.  See pictures above to catch a glimpse of our last season’s final program on May 1.

What are the details for the upcoming 2018 season?

  • The Seminar will meet on Monday evenings, 6:15-8:00pm, for six weeks: March 19-May 7 (with no rehearsal on April 2 or April 23). Location for the SCMS is Trinity Reformed Church, 712 Apple Ave.
  • All current string players in the youth orchestra and junior strings are given priority for enrollment. However, the seminar will also be open to students who are not currently registered in HAYO or HAJS. Also, pre-formed ensembles are eligible to sign up as a group. Any new student or group who is not already a part of HAYO or HAJS will need a recommendation from an orchestra conductor or private teacher.
  • The Monday evening sessions will run from 6:15-8:00 p.m. This time will include a professional coaching, a structured rehearsal time, and a snack/social time.
  • Student groups will be given a few choices of music to work on, and together with their coach, will determine what to perform at the final concert.
  • The cost for this additional seminar will be $100. The fee will also cover all necessary music.

Who should participate?

  • String players (members of HAYO and HAJS) of any level who love to play and learn new music.
  • Students who would enjoy and grow from additional music instruction from professional teachers.
  • Students may sign up individually or request to be together as a pre-formed group. Final group assignments will be determined by the coaches and are subject to enrollment. In other words, we will do our best to accommodate requests but we can’t guarantee anything until we know how many students sign up and what they play.
  • Students who are willing to work together during the rehearsal/practice time, even if an adult isn’t in the room.


Why should you consider this seminar?

  • Chamber music—playing quartets, trios, quintets, etc.—is different from playing in an orchestra. There is no conductor, and each player plays his/her own part, instead of having multiple people play the same parts, as string players do in an orchestra setting.
  • This seminar will provide a setting where students can have professional “lessons” as a quartet/trio/etc.
  • Playing chamber music is a great way for string players to learn how to listen to and play with other people.
  • The challenge of playing an independent part while listening to other parts helps students gain confidence and grow as musicians.
  • Playing in quartets, etc., is a good way to learn how to solve problems, work with other people, and fit different musical parts together.
  • Developing our string players will strengthen our youth orchestra program and school orchestra programs.
  • Playing in small groups is a great way to get to know other students and make friends who share similar interests!

How do I sign up?

  • The application deadline is February 26, 2018.
  • Fee is due upon acceptance into the program.
  • If you would like scholarship information, please contact Lauren Garza.


Apply here!