Steering Committee


Holland Symphony Youth Orchestras (HSYO) is managed by a Steering Committee, the HSYO General Manager, the HSYO Music Directors/Conductors and coordinates with the staff of the Holland Symphony Orchestra.  Holland Symphony Orchestra (HSO) provides administrative support and partial funding or sponsorship and holds the 501(c) (3) status for HSYO retaining final authority.  HSO empowers the conductor to make decisions regarding musical matters and assists in setting policy. The General Manager carries out the set administrative policy, handles all music and acts as a musical assistant to the Conductors.  HSO provides administrative support, office assistance and space, free concert tickets to HSYO students for HSO concerts, coaches for the chamber music program and produces the joint concert program book. HSO and HSYO share percussion equipment, music libraries and music stands purchased by both groups and stored at the Arts Council.  Rehearsals are held at Holland Area Arts Council, 150 E. 8th Street.


The HSYO Steering Committee manages the business, property and affairs of HSYO. It is accountable to the general membership of HSYO and the Holland Symphony Orchestra and is comprised of members from the Holland Symphony Orchestra, HSYO, and other interested community members. Elected board members will serve terms of three years. Regular meetings, assignments, and officer elections will be held as called for by the Chairman and the Steering Committee Policies and Procedures.